Objects randomly displaced after saving & closing file

Recently line objects in my file started to appear displaced randomly across the screen. I’ve tried placing them pack in their original location, saving the file and closing it but when I open the file again the line items are displaced again.

I tried copying all the objects into a new file and saving that… but it still happens.

I tried creating some new objects from scratch and that seems to be OK, I haven’t been able to replicate the fault that way.

The file I’ve been working with has multiple canvases and the problem started a couple of months after I created the file. The problem originally started on one canvas (the one one I was working on) and the other canvases where OK because I didn’t touch any of the pre-existing objects. After the problem started and I moved objects in the other canvases they became corrupt as well.

Anyone else have a similar issue?

Thanks - J

I have seen similar issues, mostly with objects that were imported from a vector PDF or, on occasion, from Visio. And, as you mentioned, fresh/new objects don’t appear to show the issue.

Hi guys,

same problem over here. Mostly with lines.
It’s really frustrating. Is there any fix for it?

Same here. Horizontal lines.

Hi Guys, apparently this is a known bug that’s been fixed in the latest test build.

It’s fixe the issue for me.

Yep, got this issue as well.

Highlighting all the objects and grouping them before saving the file is a temporary workaround.