Objects Raster Not possible

I have created a listing from individual texts.
I wanted to align the texts to the grid.
I have selected all the texts.
The alignment does not work.
What am I doing wrong?
I can’t search for grid and objects in the extensive OG help.
I use macOS 10.13.6 and OG 7.11.5.
Thanks for feedback

Jochen ( Germany)

The grid (Raster) das not align anything when you turn it on. It starts working after turning on. In general it’s best to define the grid before drawing and select snap to grid. In your case, you can either
a) select all the text items and go to the align inspector (Ausrichtung) and align as desired. When you move now the selected text items, this block will snap to the grid. With this method, its possible that not all items fit to the grid as the alignment does not respect the grid (eg. if you use “equally distribute” align will really equally distribute even if the different items don’t fit with the grid.)
or b) move the items individually, they will snap to the grid

Thanks for feedback

I have done it.

I see that OG does not automatically align within the grid.
I use later the objects individually.


Check your text alignment options, too (within the object) to ensure you are left aligning text if you are left aligning the objects.

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