Objects with Multiple Text Fields & Variables

I’m learning OmniGraffle specifically for creating networking & software development diagrams. I’m working on a network diagram ATM. I’ve got VLAN objects that contain system objects. Each system object has multiple data points I want to display, here’s a sketch:

Basically all the systems should look like that and have the same size. The ‘field’ labels (hostname, address, mac, etc) should all be the same, the only thing that changes are the values.

If I create a box, I can basically put one label on it; which doesn’t let me lay it out like this - but I can create a box (without a label) and then put multiple text boxes inside to lay it out like this. Is that the best way, or is there a better way?

Some additional questions:

  • I’m trying to also populate the ‘fields’ using variables - I found that I can do something like <%UserData IPAddress%> and this will use the data from the current object - so that works in a label, but if the text objects are separate from the box, I’m not sure how to reference the variable from the box (basically the outline) of the server.

  • If I have several objects grouped, can I create the variables on that (so basically I have a “system group” that contains multiple objects - I just edit the variable data and it’ll populate the fields? Then I can just duplicate that group over and over?

  • Is there a way to iterate over a group of objects? I.E. can a vlan object reference a group of systems associated with it?

To further clarify, here’s an example of what I’m trying to do: https://db.tt/aQ96ZTkxWu

Basically I’ve got a “Group” named “SystemTemplate” - it’s got a bunch of sub objects. The group itself has several variable fields that are defined. I want objects in the group to populate their values using the variables defined on the group, not the individual objects.

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I’d love to figure out how to do this as well. If you’ve found a solution, please share! Thanks!

Have you get any solution of this issue?