Oceanic Next inspired theme

I created a simple Oceanic Next inspired theme. Definitely a WIP though as I don’t like the background color of text fields in the Inspector and also the highlighting in the Quick Open dialog box, but I thought I would share anyway 😄

GH Repo
Direct Download of ZIP

Edited: April 8, 2016 Droplr must have removed my file, not sure why. Now hosted on GH


Thanks for sharing, this is superb! I have made another dark theme with coloured text matching the status circles because I like to be able to see a whole line of data stand out. I find myself switching from mine to yours!

The link above is dead, can you repost? Thanks!

Can’t import the theme. I get this report:

Unable to Validate Contents of Style File
Invalid Font Collection Property List: Font name missing from description of text style “OFITextStyleCustomizedSidebarTabTitle”.

This is an unrecoverable problem. This style cannot be used.

Same here. Hope the owner fixes it, because I’d love to use it.

Hey folks, we made a change that will prevent previously saved .ofocus-style files from importing in newer versions of OmniFocus. The good news is all you need to do workaround this is open and re-save the .ofocus-style you want to use in the latest version of the OmniFocusColors app.

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