OF 2.1 test builds won't start - telling me I have no license

I am using OF 2 Pro on OS X 10.10. When downloading the test builds OF will not start and tell me that I do not have a license or too many users are using the app. Any advice?

Does the 2.0.4 build downloaded directly from our site give the same error?

If you’re still unable to use OmniFocus please email us at omnifocus@omnigroup.com (if you haven’t already) so we can assist!

Hi there, the 2.04 works properly. The issue is the 2.1 test build. This is the current version I am running:
Product: OmniFocus-MacAppStore-2.0.x
Tag: OmniFocus/2.0.4/GM-v87.19
Date: 2014-12-02 13:36:02 -0800

Test builds of our OS X Apps require a license from our online Omni Store after the 14 day trial period has expired. I’m really sorry! Running test builds is one of the benefits of purchasing from our store rather than the Mac App Store (which has its own benefits that our store is unable to provide, such as a more streamlined installation process and access to all your App Store apps in one location).

The OmniFocus test builds webpage includes information for Mac App Store customers here:

More on the benefits of each store is also available here: