OF 2 and Spotlight searches: Should you be able to see the content?


Just wondering if I should be expecting to see a small snippet of the content of a project when doing a Spotlight search?
I know you’re able to see the content when doing a Spotlight search with Things.
With OF, I do get a Spotlight hit - but it’s just showing some nonsense metadata information.
Is there anything I can do so I can see the content in the search?

Thanks for any help!

No, there’s no way to see the content.

I find this frustrating. They are collecting feedback on it; you may want to email OmniGroup support and specifically ask for this functionality.

Hey Max! OmniFocus documents do not reveal any content in Spotlight search results, but we do have an open feature request about this in our database. Do you mind sending us an email so we can make sure to add you to it? We can be reached at omnifocus@omnigroup.com. Thanks!