OF 2 cursor focus misbehavior

please check this workflow: it seems to point to a UI bug:

  • I have an user perspective to show all tasks the require immediate processing every start of the day; the perspective orders the tasks according to their processing order.
  • via a shortcut I open a window with this user perspective where the cursor is normally on the Outline; the Outline shows all the tasks, and the first task appears selected, that is what I want;
  • I click down arrow to browse, analyse and review my task list;
  • I process my tasks, moving, checking, unchecking, adding or deleting them ;
  • finally I reopen my user perspective with my shortcut to see the result;
    Here comes the misbehavior:
  • OF set arbitrarily the cursor focus on the Sidebar with the first Context selected: so the Outline shows only the tasks related to this Context.
  • To see all my tasks (that is the aim of my perspective) I have to manually click Cmd-A (select all the Contexts), and Cmd-Alt-2 (Go to Outline). This seems redundant to me.
  • the worst of all happens when the Sidebar is hided: when I click the down arrow aiming to go to the following task in the Outline, OF goes to the following Context, i. e. the cursor focuses on the Sidebar even if it is hided.

This seems go against the user will: it seems logical that if I have hided the Sidebar I don’t want the cursor focus on it.
Some hint?