OF 2 Data Presentation is confusing

I love the freshness of OF2, I just think its missing two things from my perspective.

  1. Being able to get tasks on a single line which leads into…
  2. Being able to customise the view and add columns, e.g. project, context, due date, defer date, estimated time.

This makes it easier to scan to the Tick Circles on the right and makes the view far more useful for quickly identifying things, e.g. Tasks which take < 10 minutes, Tasks due next week, All tasks in a certain context.

Yes there are other ways to do it, but I work particularly well in table views, and having the multiple lines per task (with the Project and Context below the task)  slows the eye down as it scans and makes it more difficult to compare, also the choice of fields is not configurable that I can see.

Great product though, massive improvement in every other way over OF1

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Partial fix to get task non a single line and the circle on the left:

Enter this URL in Safari: omnifocus:///change-preference?ContentLayout=compact and then restart the app.

To go back, enter omnifocus:///change-preference?ContentLayout

I totally agree with 2) - hope that custom views come back soon !!!

Thanks @rogbar Happy with the Circles on the right. seems more natural to complete to the right

But a more tabular view is a wish.

Hello. This new data presentation is great and perfect. But there is a bug with me. Impossible to check the circle I must use my write side of mouse and do it manually. Other problem the short cut apple + K doesnt work. Could you fix it please ? Many thanks indeed .

Continuing the discussion from OF 2 Data Presentation is confusing:

  1. There’s an issue with checking the circle at the current moment. The one-line view is in beta. The current workaround for this is pressing ‘space’ on the task to complete it.

  2. The cut shortcut is Apple/ X.

Great ! it works. The one line view is astonishing. It is a wonderfull help for doing things and deciding at a glance what to do and when. With the 2 lines I was compleately blocked. The look was pleasant but the result on acting was bad with me. Really swear you will keep the one line view as a choice. Personnally if it stay like this I will keep it.