OF 2 discontinued?

Hi, I can’t find OF 2 in the appstore anymore… was it already totally discontinued?

OF2 is no longer on sale as OF3 releases on Wednesday. If you need OF 2 then there are hopefully instructions here.

But was it discontinued indefintely?
Will it ever return to the appstore after OF3 launch?

How will they release OF3 on wednesday if it’s still full of bugs???

The team has decided OF3 is ready for release, in my experience it’s far from full of bugs. If you had previously purchased OF2 you will always be able to download it, but if they were to sell OF2 at the same time as OF3 on one platform that could cause confusion for users and would require extra support both from support and development.


OF3 crashes randomly, not to say that visual glitches that randomly messes up the display of things in the screen…

So I guess I have to either buy OF3 or decide to go to another app…

Have you submitted reports of this and made sure you’re running the latest TestFlight version?


Whenever we release a new version of our apps we remove the old version to prevent any confusion for folks who may mistakenly purchase the wrong version otherwise.

You can still update to the latest OmniFocus 2 version from your Purchased list under your Apple I.D. in the app store app on your device. We recommend backing up your data if necessary using your Omni Sync Server account or webDAV (or iTunes File Sharing if you’re not syncing at all - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301), then deleting and reinstalling the app. Reinstalling will automatically install the latest v2 update that’s compatible with your iPhone or iPad’s iOS version. You can find more details about that here: https://support.omnigroup.com/update-app-which-is-no-longer-sold/

OF3 crashes randomly, not to say that visual glitches that randomly messes up the display of things in the screen…

The first thing I recommend is updating to the latest TestFlight build from the TestFlight app on your iPhone or iPad, since that description sounds like something we took care of in recent updates. If that doesn’t help, we’d really like to hear about the details! Open the OmniFocus 3 TestFlight’s Settings, then tap ‘Contact Omni’ to open up an email message in Mail.app. Any details you can share on what you’re seeing and how to reproduce an issue would be appreciated! Info to help with bug reporting can be found here: https://support.omnigroup.com/bug-reporting/


Hello, I’ve been running into problems for OF2 for iPad. I had an update on the App Store. Tried to update and for about a week I get a pop up that says the update is not available. I tried to fix the problem by deleting the app and downloading it. However the only OF app available is OF 3 for preorder only. I can’t find OF 2. Now I don’t have any OF app. I know I can likely wait until Wed. But I need it now, What can I do?

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Does this help?

Thanks. Your linked post didn’t help but I found another post than mentioned finding previous purchases on the App Store. I did that and was able to download OF2.