OF 3.3 - an update? [Not yet released]

My updater has just alerted me that OF 3.3 has been released.

Is that an error: I can’t find any mention of 3.3 here

I noticed that MacUpdater reported OmniFocus 3.3 for Mac is available, even though OmniFocus 3.2.1 is the most recent release. I was in touch with the developer and he’s working on a fix.

Tim - you’re also using MacUpdater!

Yes; great program, isn’t it.

I didn’t want to mention it in case it was Julian’s error and after all seemed to originate in an OG app cast. He’s so responsive and helpful. Thanks :-)

Update: It’s now been removed. MacUpdater just gets better and better!

MacUpdater is a great app…and I’m not surprised that Julian has already fixed this issue. He and I have exchanged a number of emails over the past few months and I’ve also found him to be very friendly and responsive.

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Indeed :-)

My only complaint is that MacUpdater is too cheap! For what it does, and how well it does it, it should be at least $19.99.

May I offer this link for an evaluative review… :-)

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