OF 3 Preferences Corrupt - Disclosure Triangles Randomly Appearing and Disappearing

I am using OF 3.15.

This morning I noticed that in my inbox several tasks had disclosure triangles but nothing to disclose. I have been trying for over an hour to remove these. I will create a new item and just type in the name of an action that has a disclosure triangle, and then remove the item with the disclosure triangle. Sometimes items will RANDOMLY add a disclosure triangle, or remove one.

I am pretty sure my database and/or setings are messed up.

I tried rebuilding the database but this didn’t do any good.

Should I just trash my preferences? Or export my database, and then trash my preferences and database, start fresh with no data and then import my database.

This is driving me crazy.


Same experience as you :|

Me too.

MacOS: 14.0 (23A344)
OmniFocus: 3.15.2 (v151.35.26)

Same here. This looks like a bug introduced in version 3.15

PS: I suspect the triangle is displayed for every action that has ever grouped any other actions, regardless of its current status. Probably the app has some internal flag to keep track of this and a regression bug was introduced. I really start to worry about the safety of my data, since it looks like OmniFocus doesn’t have a proper testing system set up, because these types of bugs should be easily caught by automated tests as well as QA before release, and this kind of bugs already happened before.

I sent in a support request on this topic. This doesn’t feel like the preferences are corrupt but that there’s a display issue. I haven’t had any issues on my iPad or iPhone, so I doubt this is putting any databases at risk.

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I’m having the same issue, and it’s driving me NUTS.

I’m seeing the same thing since the latest upgrade. I keep trying to open them, wondering why I’m not seeing anything revealed.

Reverting to the previous version (v3.11.7) fixed this issue for me.

I’ll join the chorus - same thing, and also same response: never have I found little triangles so distracting! Has anyone had a response from OF yet about it?

I’m having the same issue. Disclosure triangles appear for actions that never had sub-actions. Quitting the app and relaunching briefly causes the spurious disclosure triangles to go away, but they reappear as I navigate around (e.g., scrolling a long project or switching among perspectives) until they’re all over the place. Rebuilding the database does nothing more than relaunching the app.

Same here. It’s pretty random which task it decides to add the triangles to and when, but they’re spreading. There are a few tasks that don’t have them yet, but I’m expecting by the end of the week they’ll be everywhere.

I am glad this is just a minor bug. I hope the Omni Group fixes it soon.

3.15.3 release notes: “Fixed a bug that could cause disclosure triangles to display for non-group items in the outline on macOS Sonoma.”

Works for me.

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