OF 3: shortcuts with german layout

Hi there,
to speed up my workflow I try to use shotcuts more and more. But now I´m getting problems: on my mac with a german keyboard layout some shortcuts are not useable. For example: to create a child task -> Sift-Command-]. The ]-charakter is not part of the basic german layout. It can only be written while pressing Alt and 6.
A possible solution could be to change the keyboard layout to an english on. But i want to write my tasks in german…
So my question: is there any way to change the short cuts, maybe with an app outside from OF?
Thanks in advance for your help!

How about Apple System settings? Choose the settings for Keyboard, then the tab Shortcuts, and in the left column Application shortcuts. Click on the plus button and follow the instructions. A very useful feature! Personally, I use the application Keyboard Maestro for most handling of all kinds of shortcuts. A highly recommended application, but for the case you describe Apple’s built-in solution will be good enough.

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