OF 4 - Has capture from Outlook improved?

Has the ability to capture from Outlook improved from OF 3 → OF 4? For example, can I copy an email into the inbox without having to forward the email to a special omni email address?

Not that I’ve seen. Outlook seems to be in a walled garden when it comes to something like this.

One way is to use Zapoer. I don’t know if it works but I remembered this from a while back.

Curious how this works. Anyone have any experience with this?

@joshuawhite929 , I don’t understand what you mean by “copy an email into the inbox without having to forward the email to a special omni email address.”

Were we ever able to do that?

Just now, I tried dragging and dropping an email from Apple Mail application into the inbox of Omnifocus and the error message I receive is “Unable to move to this location. Move failed.”

However, I did try dragging the same email to Omnifocus icon on my dock and the item is added but only the title of the email and nothing substantial, like the body of the message, is copied. As such, it is pretty useless.

It would be great if one could have a feature like Copy Item Link which you could then past into an OF task’s notes like you can do with DevonThink.

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This would have to be the outlook team’s responsibility to add this functionality to outlook.

Would you be able to use the Spark email app?

I don’t know if you work for an organization that allows you to install third party apps on your devices but it’s an option that creates a URL link between Spark email and OmniFocus.

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Maybe I used the wrong thread as I am not using Outlook but Apple Mail. As a slightly cumbersome way I drag a mail into DevonThink (which I do with all meaningful mails) and use the feature “copy item link” there and paste it into the notes field of OF. At least by this I have a direct access to the mail’s content - which was the goal to be achieved. The only disadvantage is that any mail reaction like answering is not as easy as it would be would I have the back link into Apple Mail.

I have been using Hookmark to create links to emails in Outlook, it has been working pretty well for me.

But it doesn’t work if you’re using “new” Outlook, as they haven’t added AppleScript support yet.

I just reverted back to Outlook Legacy for this exact reason. Sigh…

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