OF list in Reminders app

Has anyone found a way to delete an added (in this case for OmniFocus) list in Apple’s Reminders app, please?

I can’t see a way to edit (and so them delete/remove) such a list.


On macOS, right-click the list and select delete.
On iOS, follow Apple’s instructions here.

In OF settings, make sure you point the “create Reminders link” to a different list, or the new one will be created at the next Siri reminder.


Thank you so much for your suggestion… Yes, I would have thought that possible. In fact, though, the list which I created for OF (which really doesn’t work so well - hence my wanting to remove it) doesn’t appear at all on my desktop instance of Reminders - only on my iPhone!

I’d turn off Reminders capture in OF, then go into Reminders and deete the list per Apple’s instructions above. Then re-enable Reminders capture in OF and specify the list you want to use.

Does that work?

Thanks again, TheWart - you’d have thought that ought to do it, wouldn’t you?!

It was easy to turn Capture off per these instructions, thank you.

Unfortunately, though, the OF Reminders list still does not appear in Reminders app on my Desktop machine to right click etc on!

That’s frustrating. Definitely email Omni support.

Thanks; shall do!