OF, Outlook, Teams, and O365 Power Automate

I have to use the Planner app inside of MS Teams. I have a O365 Power Automate flow set up to where when I flag an email in Outlook, it’ll create a task inside of Planner with that includes the email subject, sender, and the contents of the email.

I also have a Shortcut for Omnifocus when I need to make a new project that asks me questions that I fill out like task subject, due date, priority, the person who assigned it, and tags. Then it’ll create a task with a subject line that’s formatted like “Priority.Category.YYYY-MM-DD.Person.Client.Subject”.

I then copy this formatted subject line, go back to Outlook, make a new folder with that same formatted subject and move the email(s) to it. I then go to MS Teams’ Planner app, find the task, and give it the same formatted subject. So I end up with an Outlook folder, an OmniFocus task or project, and a Planner task all with the same name “Priority.Category.YYYY-MM-DD.Person.Client.Subject”.

It’s still quite a lot of manual work however. I’m managing three systems and it’s not ideal obviously.

I’m hoping there’s a way to consolidate some or all of these actions. Like perhaps my Omnifocus shortcut could then make a new folder in Outlook with the same subject as the Omnifocus task? I can’t find a way to control Outlook however in Shortcuts.

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