OF still close its open window on the top of the hour!

Skjermbilde 2023-10-04 kl. 15.14.43
Skjermbilde 2023-10-04 kl. 15.15.03

It happens every time the clock passes the top of the hour - OF close down the open window. Am I missing something in my setup? I want my OF to stay open while I am on my Mac.

That’s odd. I’ve never run into this issue before.

Perhaps an automation running in the background (e.g., a Keyboard Maestro macro) could be triggering this behaviour?

I notice you’re running a beta of macOS Sonoma (the current release is macOS 14.0). It could be related to an issue with this beta.

Yeah, I wonder. It’s been like that for quite a while - even though I don’t run any automation. My OF setup is basic (I live by the “keep it simple, stupid” principle). It was like that before I ran the last version of Sonoma, too. I’ll have to live with it until the gold release is installed.
Anyway, thanks for the kind response. Good to have some “brothers in arms”.


You’re very welcome, @arnesrnielsen.

If you haven’t already, I recommend reaching out to Omni Support. You can drop them a line by choosing “Contact Omni” from the Help menu.

Yeah, I will, but first, I will check if the same happens on my MacBook Air, which has the same setup.
Again, thanks for the follow-up.

I started seeing this with Sonoma; the OF window on the desktop where i’m working will disappear at the top of the hour and at other times as well. It lands in limbo somehow – if I go to another OF window and do “show app windows”, the window that disappeared isn’t there. But if I go to the OF Windows menu or right click OF in the dock, I can find the missing window, click on it, and bring it back.

I exchanged email with OmniGroup; they are saying Sonoma 14.1 should fix this.

I had seen windows disappear before, which had something to do with entering full screen mode in another app (Firefox?). It wasn’t as frequent and some update back then fixed it. I never saw the top of the hour thing before. I’m not using quite as basic a set up, but I don’t use any automation either. I do use multiple desktops and multiple OF windows which is how I can tell the app itself isn’t hidden since the windows on other desktops are still there.

It is tedious; I’m glad a fix should be coming soon.

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I updated to Sonoma 4.1 Public Beta a couple of hours ago and let OF stay open. The problem has not occurred since… We’ll see what happens :-)