I’ve noticed that OF on iPhone has a bunch of drawbacks relative to OF on Mac. I on v3.12.4 Pro.

  1. I can’t collapse a task that has subtasks (not sure if I’m using the correct terminology here).
  2. Because of the font size and the spacing between tasks, I can only see 9 tasks at a time on my iPhone 8.
  3. I can’t add a task to a project after a particular task. (The new task always appears at the end.)
  4. When I’m dragging a task to the desired position in the list, OF frequently thinks I want it to be a subtask of what is above. I’ll get better at this over time.

Any suggestions for how to mitigate or work around #1-3?

The OmniFocus 4 TestFlight is available for iPhone and iPad with a new user interface. It’s still in the testing stage but it is looking good! Sign up here:


But it does requires iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 now.

1 note of caution on the beta: it has a new interface, but if you;re lookig for a more mac like experience then you’ll be disappointed.

#3: you drag the New Inbox Item button (the one on the right) to the desired position in the outline.

#3 is one I also wish was different. I often realize I missed something in a sub group, so an easier way to insert where I want would be better.

#4 There is a subtle difference of where your finger is holding the dragged task for a indent vs under/between behavior.

I still use OF 2.22.x on iOS and iPadOS because OF 3 destroyed the Forecast view with their mixing of calendar items and to-do items. I use OF 3 on macOS, though.

You can turn off the Calendar access if that’s the issue with it?

As I use Outlook for my calendar (and am prohibited from mapping to to iCal) it doesn’t show in Forecast … even if I wanted it to

I know, but OF 2 did it right: I can see my forecasted tasks AND the calendar events in one window, but separated. Mixing them together in a sprawl is like mixing a morning coffee and an afternoon G&T, “because it’s all going to the same place.”

OmniFocus 4 TestFlight’s forecast perspectives allows you to see the items in either ungrouped or grouped to fit your preferences.

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