OF won't open after upgrade to Mac 10.13.1

I just upgraded my OS to 10.13.1 on a MacBook Pro. I’m running OmniFocus Pro (1.10.6). When i click on the app now, it bounces once and then does nothing. I sent a request for service to tech support, but wondering if anyone has had the same issue and knows of a quick fix! Thanks much.



OF 1 is a very old version; it may well be that it just doesn’t run on later versions of the OS, like 10.13.

OF 2 has many improvements; suggest upgrading as soon as you can. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply, Mark. I’m looking into the upgrade now; it says i need to upgrade via in-app purchase… any suggestions on how to do that if i can’t open the app? O_o

Download the demo here and try it out with the 14-day demo. Then you can go to the File menu and select Licenses. There will be a “Buy Licenses” button when you’re ready.

Or visit the Mac App Store and search for OmniFocus.

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Thanks wilsonng, great suggestion! Will do that now.

All good now! I downloaded the trial version of OF2, then it offered me upgrade from my previous version at a discounted price. Paid and registered, and it integrated my old content (hundreds of items) perfectly! Still syncs with OF1 on my iPad and iPhone. Me=happy. Thanks for the quick responses and great suggestions.

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If you saw the Omnigroup blog post from October 18, 2017. you’ll see this news at the end of the post:

reassure anyone who’s contemplating a purchase of OmniFocus that if you purchase version 2 today (for either iOS or Mac), you’ll receive a free upgrade to version 3 on the same platform when it ships. (And, as usual, anyone who already owns OmniFocus will be eligible for a 50% upgrade discount.)

A new OmniFocus 3 update may likely change the database structure and not let old OmniFocus versions work with the new version. You can read more about it here:


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