OF2 Crashing on Launch

This has only started happening in the past week or so. I tap the icon to launch the app, and it shuts instantly.

Looking at the forums, the lead suspiction was TestFlight builds, but i’m not part of a TestFlight program for OF.

Any suggestions/help? I can’t find OF2 on the app store anymore so i’m not sure if i can delete the app and then re-install it.

If you go to your iTunes store account, look for the Purchased history. You will be able to re-download OF2 for iOS from there.

wiloong is right. And:
Don‘t delete the old OF2 beforehand, so that it keeps your data.
And, save you data backups, to be extra sure.

Thanks both for your suggestion. In the end i had to delete the app so that the app store would re-download from my purchase history.

I’m using OF server sync, so other than some app preferences like night/dark theme all my data was restored.


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