OF2 iCal Link - how to turn-off iCal alerts?

I’m a new OF2 user and have managed to sync OF2 to iCal on my MacBook, a set-up which I am liking so far.

But is there a way to tweak the settings so that iCal doesn’t give me alerts for items that have a due date/time?

You should be able to do that in the Calendar app - right click the Omni calendar and do Get Info

Hi Nick - would you share how you were able to sync OF2 to iCal on Mac/iOS devices? I have been searching support and couldn’t figure out. Thank you.

Thanks - I’ll go do that :-)

In OF Preferences, Notifications tab, Publish items as Calendar alarms

In the OmniFocus preferences (on iOS) I previously toggled the calendar alarms off. I seem to remember this working but apparently it disables the whole calendar sync which is a shame.

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