OF2 Not recognizing the current version of OF2; cannot migrate database

Thinking this is going to require a call to customer support, but asking here just in case:

I’m having trouble migrating my database so I can start using OF3 Pro, which I have already purchased, on my iPhone and iPad.

I was on OF2 2.20.2, and finally figured out how to upgrade to the required 2.22.5 (since OF2 is no longer in the app store). I deleted OF2 from my devices and reinstalled from the App Store under the Purchased section. Now both apps are running 2.22.5–I can see that in the About OmniFocus screen.

However, when I try to migrate my database from either my iPhone or my iPad I’m told that OF2 on both my iPhone and iPad are running 2.20.2. FWIW, I am also running OF2 v2.12.4 for Mac. I tried to migrate THAT database, and it also thinks my iOS apps are running 2.20.2.

TIA for any insight!

Hi @mominaustin! Sorry for the trouble here.

In order to make sure everything is safe to migrate, OmniFocus leaves a tiny bit of information about each syncing device on the server; that’s how it can “see” what versions other devices are running. These bits hang around for a couple weeks, just in case there’s a device you use rarely but want to keep in sync.

However, when OmniFocus is uninstalled and reinstalled on a device, it looks like a “new” device to the server. My guess here is that you might have two entries for your iPhone and another two for your iPad — one that says 2.20.2, and one that says 2.22.5.

You can check this on your Mac: if you open OmniFocus’s Preferences, then go to the Synchronization tab and choose “Show Sync Details…”, you should see a list of devices that are syncing with your database. You can hover over each row in the list to get more information about what version of OmniFocus that device is running. For example, here’s what my device list looks like:

You’ll notice I actually have a duplicate entry myself — the name tekl-rmbp.local appears twice in the list! If this is the case for your iPhone and iPad, and you can hover over the rows to figure out which of the two is the older version (still marked as running OF 2.20.2), you can use the Unregister button to remove the older listing, so you only have one item left for each of your iPhone and iPad. Once that’s cleaned up, you should be able to migrate your database and proceed with OmniFocus 3.

If that doesn’t work out, or you don’t have these duplicate entries, of course feel free to get in touch with support! You’re welcome to call or email, and we’ll help you get up and running with OF3.

Thanks for using OmniFocus!


Wow, wow, wow! Thank you soooo much! That was a crystal clear response and it worked like a charm. I’m so excited to start playing with OmniFocus 3! Thanks again!