OF2 on Mac user...should I wait to upgrade IOS OF3?

So I’d LOVE to upgrade to IOS OF3, but if the Mac version of OF3 is not going to be out until the summer I’m not sure why I should upgrade to OF3 on IOS now given that things like tags on OF3 will not translate exactly to the desktop version of OF2.



A two week free trial means you can try and see what does or doesn’t work for you! OF2 and OF3 iOS can both live side by side on the same device.



I would say you should, none of the perspectives you create on OF3 will work on the mac…

By “should” I mean you shoud wait, none of the iOS new features will translate back to mac, and if you upgrade your perspectives they will be unusable in the Mac as well. I’m also a Mac user,.

To speak to a few big points regarding compatibility between OmniFocus 3 on your iPhone/iPad and OmniFocus 2 on your Mac…

Tags created in OmniFocus 3 on your iPhone or iPad will display and function as contexts in OmniFocus 2 on your Mac. With that, nested tags (something like Tag 1: Tag 2) will appear as nested contexts in OmniFocus 2. Conversely, new contexts created in OmniFocus 2 on your Mac will function like natively created tags in the v3 app on your iPhone or iPad. The ability to assign a special Today Includes tag in the Forecast perspective is also exclusive to OmniFocus 3 Pro.

Just to add some clarification regarding a comment in the thread above…

Upgraded custom perspectives (perspectives with advanced filtering rules that aren’t available in v2) don’t display in OmniFocus 2 for Mac but a ‘downgraded’ perspective created in OmniFocus 3 will work just fine in both v3 on your iPhone or iPad and v2 for Mac. To create a new perspective in v3 that would be compatible with v2 on your Mac, select ‘Downgrade Perspective’ at the bottom of the editing screen when setting it up. Advanced filtering rules wouldn’t apply to the perspective if or when it’s downgraded, but it’ll otherwise function just like a regular custom perspective in the Pro version of OmniFocus 2.

For more on upgraded and downgraded perspectives, feel free to check out this section of the OmniFocus 3 Manual!

And of course @heyscottyj 's recommendation to take the 2 week trial for a spin alongside the Mac app is a great idea, too.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! That’s very helpful! Too bad you couldn’t roll out OF3 Mac and IOS at the same time that would of made things easier, but probably harder for you guys in regards to support.