OF2 project-based perspective not displaying correctly

I have a project based perspective that I created in OmniFocus 2. It focuses on a specific folder, within which I have several single-action projects, all of which are active. The perspective then shows all tasks flagged and available within those projects.

In OF2, I see all the available projects in the sidebar, as well as all the flagged/available tasks in the main window. In OF3, it only shows one of these projects in the sidebar.

When I upgrade the perspective to OF3, I see all projects listed in the sidebar, but when I click on the perspective icon, it automatically selects the same project as above. I can click on other projects, but I can never see all the tasks in all projects in the main window. In other words, I can never see the entire perspective.

FWIW, I can set up a new perspective with the same rules as the upgraded perspective, and all seems well. I’d just rather avoid all the work of recreating every perspective. It also makes me question the reliability of all OF3 perspectives.

Perhaps I’m missing something easy here. If any one can offer guidance, I’d appreciate it!

I’ve been emailing support during beta and since release, but have received no response. I know they’re busy, but it’s been crickets since September 10, my first email to them.

I had the same problem and it drove me crazy. Everything worked correctly except actions in one project refused to appear in the perspective.

I noticed that if I added a new action to the project it worked correctly so I went through the actions (there were not too many), marked them complete then back to active, one by one.

As I did this to each action it appeared in the perspective correctly.

After this, all is good.

Thanks for the tip. Alas, this didn’t seem to do the trick for me. I tried your method with both the non-upgraded and upgraded perspective. No dice.

Oddly, this time when I upgraded the perspective, the “missing” projects appeared in the sidebar, but none of them had any tasks! I’m not sure when this behavior appeared, as I’ve updated a few versions (including test releases) the past couple days. My original description (where these tasks were shown in the main window) was probably a couple versions ago.

Again, thanks for the help. If you’ve got any other thoughts, let me know!