OF2 v2.22.4 in App Store [download via purchases]

Today’s little mystery…

An update for OF2 appeared in the App Store this morning - version 2.22.4.

However when I try to install, I get the following message:

Yet the update stubbornly sits there as being available and the app store app retains a badge count on my home screen. If the update was pulled, why does it persist?

Curiously, the release notes in the 2.22.4 update mention a fix for OF3: “Fixed a problem where perspectives created in OmniFocus 3 for iOS test builds could sometimes get corrupted.

Yes, OF2 was pulled so that it wasn’t purchased by newer users on the cusp of OF3.

I think you can download if you go through Purchases, though.


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I have the same problem. Even, tell me that I’m in other store. Do you think we have to download of3? Thanks if you help me.

Sorry for the confusion here! There was an update to OmniFocus 2 earlier this week, but OmniFocus 2 has since been removed from sale in preparation for the launch of OmniFocus 3 next week.

The update is still available, but you’ll need to follow some special steps in order to install it; unfortunately, updates for apps that have been removed from sale won’t appear in the Updates tab.

First, make sure your data is being synced with the server, and that you know your sync password. If you need to check your current sync password, you can find that within the app by swiping down on the OmniFocus home screen to reveal the Secret Bar and tap Settings (on iPhone), or drag down on the home sidebar (iPad and iPhone Plus) to reveal the Secret Bar, then tap Settings. Then tap Sync Method > Omni Sync Server > Account > Reveal Stored Password, and enter your device’s Passcode (or use Touch ID/Face ID) to show the stored password.

Then, follow the steps in our help article: How to update an application which is no longer sold in the App Store

Hope this helps!

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