OF3 and Forecast Planning

Hi friends,

I‘had used OF2 for years and switched to Things 1 month ago.

How do you plan your week with OF3-Forecast perspective?

I‘ve alot of meetings & co and have to plan every day of the week on the monday before. I dunno how to handle this kind of workflow with OF2. Is there a new way on OF3?

Wirh things 3, todoist (…) I can set a start date - OF3 cant do this. So, how I can plan the to-dos of my next days?

Hopefully you got my point?

best regards from germany,


Regarding start dates: ”Defer Until” should do the same job if I haven’t missed something.

As @Jan_H says, in OF, defer date performs the same fucmtnion as start date Many years ago, it was called start date).

If you set a. defer date for a task, it will not show up in Available tasks until that date (i.e. OF interprets it to mean that you can’t or don’t want to start the task until the defer date). It will show up in Remaining or All.

You can get tasks with a defer date to show up in the Forecast perspective by opening Forecast, hitting the “eye” button and choosing Show deferred items"