OF3 and OF2 on MacOS: coexistence?

Hi to all,
I am currently testing OF3, and I am quite satisfied. I am evaluating a complete revamp of my setup to take advantage of the new feature, but I use the desktop version a lot. Anyone uses this setup and could give me some insight?

They coexist, but the desktop version can’t interpret the new features (multiple tags, enhanced perspectives).

I spend most of my time in OF for the Mac and I’m having to think carefully about how I reply new features in OF3 IOS to maintain usability. I have considered going IOS-only for a while, but it’s not coming easily to me.

Essentially, what I’m doing is:

  • Leaving. my current Mac contexts and perspectives alone
  • Adding a small number of additional tags in OF3 to drive a few new perspectives

I’m finding this works OK without too much additional overhead - it allows me to keep inputting and tracking on the Mac, with additional organisation on IOS.

That said, I’ll be very happy indeed when OF3 for the Mac goes into beta, which I’m hoping will be with a couple of months

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Hi Nick,
Thank you for the reply. I will try to do something like that while I am waiting for MacOS beta.

I am experimenting with an iPad + BT keyboard only existence with OF3. So far the only thing I am missing in iOS is archiving, sorting tasks, viewing older backups, and the Forecast (viewing more than 5 days). Almost everything can be done on my iPad with OF3 now.

I think I can capture stuff on my Mac by emailing to my OmniFocus email address that is part of Omni Sync Server. Normally I would use quick entry on my Mac but the OmniFocus email works fairly well for capturing.

But I’m still looking forward to the OF3 for Mac TestFlight. With a larger screen, it’s still awesome to use my Mac.

Great question. Personally, I love OF3 and want to use the multiple tag feature. Because of this, I may have to do iOS only until the Mac version is released later this year.