OF3 and Outlook - seeking guidance

Hi all, I’m a total noob around here - I just signed up for a trial. And I’ve done some preliminary searching, but I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. (And most that are relevant seem to be for the previous version of OF.)

My company (large, multinational) is all-in Office365 and windows. I use a Mac - we do have a sort of BYOD policy, so I’m using O365 on all my Apple devices. It works, and it’s legit and an approved use.

Used to be, you could have your work (Outlook) calendar, mail and tasks integrated into Apple’s calendar, mail and reminders - that was nice, as I had a single view of my entire life. Now, they’re requiring everyone to use the Outlook iOS app, and so my calendar life is now 1) Outlook for work and 2) Apple for everything else (including Google and shared things).

I don’t believe our IT environment allows me to “subscribe” to my Outlook calendar on an external platform like Google or Apple.

How do I get OmniFocus to work for this? Any tricks? Looks like a fantastic app and platform, but I’m hoping this isn’t a deal-breaker.

If I follow, and I’m not sure I do, you’re trying to get OmniFocus into your calendar somehow? OmniFocus isn’t tied to a calendaring system. So OmniFocus would be just fine in the scenario you describe up until you try to send emails into your OmniFocus system. At that point, it could break some of your agreements with your company as far as where you can interact with company data.

Am I missing something?

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Thanks, @joebuhlig. Sorry if my post was confusing. More like the opposite on the calendar thing - getting my Outlook calendar to show up in OF like it does for my Apple calendar.

So, for example, Forecast becomes less than useful in my case because it wouldn’t include anything from work.

I forward all my work appointments as iCal to my personal gmail and creates them that way in the Apple system. So far it does not send anything to the meeting inviter if I got it from other persons, so no others know. I work as an external consultant for different companies and makes allways a try when starting a new place by just creating a meeting only for myself and then forward that one as an iCal. I have nevet heard anything from anyone.
I know it is a few extra typings every time but it works for me.

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Siento escribir en Español, pero me parecía acertado añadir como lo hago yo.

Yo lo que tengo es un zapier hecho, que todo evento que añado en mi calendario de google, me envía un correo a mi buzón de Omnifocus. Así luego, al aplicar los pasos de GTD, al procesar, proceso la información necesaria para que quede agregado a mi sistema GTD-Omnifocus, con su fecha, enlaces, si es tarea, o es proyecto, etc…

El sistema es fácil, un disparador que cada vez que insertas un evento en calendar, envíe un correo a la dirección que te proporciona omnigroup, y así te llega la información a tu Omnifocus.

Salud, suerte y seguimos (sss)

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Thanks, @pkdanmark y gracias, @bedmar70! Both seem like good options. I bet I could create a rule in Outlook to forward calendar invites to a special Google calendar that I subscribe to in iOS. That would probably do it.

Just to update, and in case others have this question, I think I solved it. On my MacBook, I was able to add my Exchange account, which made my calendar appear in the Calendars app.

So, go to System Preferences/Internet Accounts, click the plus sign to add an account. Select Exchange. I entered my work email and it routed me to my organization’s single sign-on page. Voila!

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