OF3 column order/reorder or alignment

I know this has been asked for in the past, but it would be great to have the ability to re-arrange the order of columns in the columns layout, or be able to adjust column width/alignment. I love the compactness of columns view over flow, but, there is a huge caveat; I’m in med school, and I have about 4 different sources of videos I need to watch. Each one of those is a project; so Sketchy, lectures, B&B, Pathoma. So each Sunday I enter things like watch 1.1, watch 1.2, watching monday 1, watch monday 2. The problem with columns view is, it can be hard to tell which Monday 1 I’m talking about, because the project name is all the way on the right side (I have a TV mounted above my desk that has omni running full screen most of the time, so all the way to the right is realllllly far). So every action I end up naming “watch B&B 1.1” etc. Is this the end of the world, no…but this info is already in omni. If the projects column could just be aligned left, or the width adjustable to push it to the left, that would be awesome. There is also an argument for having the project name first, which again would solve this issue, so having the flexibility of reordering columns would be great

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I second the request for column resize and reorder. I keep switching back and forth between Flow and column view, unable to create the compact and functional display I want. This level of control in programs that display information in columns is pretty standard now-a-days. It would really improve the day-to-day use of OF3.

I would concur with this. I have submitted this request to support. Make sure you all do as well.

Just resurrecting a post from 2018. Is the coumn thing EVER going to be addressed? I find it kind of ridculous that this still isn’t available.

Agreed. How do you have a column view but no way to adjust the columns, particularly in what surmounts to be a database.

The current TestFlight builds of OmniFocus 4 (for iPad and iPhone) have support for reordering fields: The Omni Group

If you’d like to resize the Tags field in v3 for Mac, there’s a setting you can use: Tag Column Maximum Width | OmniFocus Preference