OF3: Due within the next 5 days

there is a useful perspective I want to create showing the items due within the next five days.
How can I implement this in OF3 and without using tags? any ideas?

I think I heard from the Omni podcast or read about something in the Slack channel that the custom perspective settings was expanded but still had to maintain compatibility with OF2. The foundation has been placed now and that further refinements to the custom perspective settings will include something that could possibly handle this request.

I’m also looking forward to some kind of setting that will filter all due tasks within the next 5 days. Crossing my fingers!

Yes but can’t you just change your “Due soon” settingngs to 5 days and then have a “Due soon” perspective?

But the underlying SQLite database can do these queries trivially easily - OF just needs a UI to expose queries to the user.

In fact, it would be really nice to have a text-based way of composing criteria for perspectives…straight SQL or a subset thereof, or something like TaskPaper’s search syntax.

I need due to be able to select by due 1 day and also due within 5 days, this should be possible to do without tags. Changing the “due soon” definition is not helping since this only admits one option

More ideas?