OF3: Filter "active project with available actions" gone?

I want to create custom perspectives using the filter “Has an active project which has available actions”.
I have come across a couple of OF3 review mentioning this filter, which seems quiet handy, e.g. for creating a planning perspective.

Unfortunately I am not able to find this filter.

Instead I only find:
“Has project, which is active”
“Has an active projects with no remaining actions”

Have this filter been dropped during the beta stage and did not make the cut for the final version or am I am missing to look in the right place?

If you do this it will provide what you are looking for:

  • All
    • Has an active project
    • None
      • Has an active project with no remaining actions.

To get the None option on the Mac just press the alt/opt key and then click the … button which replaces the +.

Many thanks for your suggestion, I very much appreciate that and indeed this seems to be as close as it gets (without the actual filter). Thus I will happily apply your solution.

However, I assume that workaroung leading to a bit different result, as I will filter out projects with no remaining tasks only, but projects with only tasks being on hold would slip through although they do not have any available task and therefor should not be in the resulting perspective. I know, this is nitpicking and kinda edgecase. It just is strange that the precise filter (active project with availayle task only) is not available anymore although used for example perspectives in different reviews of OF3.

Sorry to revive this old thread, but did you find any solution to this. I do like to do some basic project planning in the task list under a “Project Plan” task with an on hold “Reference” tag.

I’d like to have a “Stalled Projects” perspective which provides all Projects without an “active” task with an active tag. There are many example of “Stalled” perspectives but they break down if there is an on hold task in the list.

Thoughts? Seems fundamental and I’m surprised I can’t hack this together with the options available.