Of3 - inheriting tags


Just drank 1 cup. You see I am very emotional about cutting features in of, cutting coffe is okay.


Sorry if I gave the impression I’m opposed to anything - I’m not opposed to anything at all! I only present how things work currently and how I use them. This doesn’t mean I’m right or that my methods are best for everyone!

On this topic, though, I have done this in the past - tagging a project so that all children inherit the same tag - but in every case I’ve found that it isn’t the tag that’s meaningful, its the project hierarchy. In other words, I’m not looking up a tag and seeing each of that project’s actions alongside a whole bunch of other things with the same tag, but rather looking at the project and studying its actions.

Again, this is just me.



I would support the feature if it is elective. Not if it is generic.
so +1 with extreme reluctance


Hi, Scotty. In your initial comment, you were clear that your perspective was from your own workflow and you were not lobbying against inheritance. I was speaking rhetorically and, unfortunately, was not as clear as you were. My apologies for that.


So back to the initial question… I ran into the same problem. After reading “5 Choices” I tried to add the Big Rocks and MIT Schema to my GTD routine. In OF2 I was limited to flagging projects and tasks. With OF3 I hoped to be able to have different perspectives. One for flagged tasks and projects representing the gravel of tasks to be accomplished on certain days. And one for my Big Rock projects (and accompanying tasks).

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this with OF3?


Single Tasks (Little Rocks)

I use a “Planning” perspective to show all available tasks. Then I flag certain tasks as something to focus on. Then I go to my “Today” perspective that shows all due and flagged tasks. Any tasks that are due/due soon/overdue show up here. Those tasks are mandatory because they have real due dates. The “Today” perspective also shows flagged tasks which show other tasks that aren’t due but I’d like to get done within the next few days. That’s how I do my single tasks.


Big Rocks

When I want to work on a Big Rock, I have a Big Rock perspective that shows all active projects within certain folders. I set most of my projects to “On Hold” or deferred to a future date. Every week, I set a project’s status to “Active” and work on it. All the other projects that are “On Hold” or deferred do not show up in the Big Rock perspective. I described it here.