OF3: Project that have tag in Tags

I did add a tag to project, and project have some items.
items have other tag. (tag is different with project’s one)

but I can’t see project that have tag in Tags view. but I can see items that have tag.
Is it bug? or Does not support the feature?

Hi @baer2000! Thanks for using OmniFocus.

There is an option in the Organization preferences to show projects and groups in the Tags and Flagged perspectives:

If you want to see projects in Tags, you’ll want to make sure this option is not checked. Hope that helps!

it doesn’t work.
option can not work.

I don’t think it’s going to work the way you want. The project itself will not show in the list unless it has no actions left. The thinking is projects are not actionable, hence shouldn’t be visible. Unless there are no actions, in which case its either done or needs more actions added.

When I have a situation where I want to see the project name in the list. I create a “fake” first action that is the project name.

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Ah, I solved it. problem is view(eye icon).

I checked options “Available” to “Remaining”.

Thank for your help.