OF3 scripts have disappeared!

The scripts I used all the time in OF3 don’t seem to be seen by OF4. This is a huge problem. Is there a way to bring them back?

Quit OF. Go to the scripts folder location ~/Library/Application Scripts/. Find the OF3 folder of scripts (com.Omnigroup.OmniFocus3). Move or copy them to the OF4 folder for scripts. Restart OF.


That didn’t work. I also copied them into the Plug-Ins folder in iCloud Drive/OmniFocus, which is where some scripts seem to reside. No luck.

Very disappointing. I’m reverting to OF3 for now. I emailed the script authors to see if they are planning to create a compatible version.

Never mind. I figured it out. They don’t show up in the Automate menu, but all I needed to do was add them to the tool bar. So your suggestion did work after all. Thanks!