OF3 Send to Inbox Keyboard shortcut not working in Chrome

I have a keyboard shortcut setup (in SystemPreferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts>Services) to clip highlighted text and create an OF Inbox item. It has been working fine system-wide, but I just updated Chrome to version 73, and now I cannot get the shortcut to work when a URL in the URL/search bar is highlighted.

It works fine if any text on a webpage in Chrome is highlighted, and it also works fine when a URL in Safari or Firefox is highlighted, and in all other apps on my system.

I’ve tried changing the keyboard shortcut to see if it was conflicting with something in Chrome, but without success. I also went thru every setting in Chrome to see if anything might be limiting the ability to copy the URL. There is one setting for Clipboard, which I turned off, but again, did not help.

Has anyone had this same issue with Chrome v73? Any suggestion on how to get it to work again?
As a workaround, I can always copy the URL and then paste it into a new Inbox item, but I use this feature frequently and would like to figure out how to fix it.

Thank you.

I have the same issue.

Have you figured this out? I use this a lot as well.

It seems Chrome has blocked a bunch of services.

I am unable to use many of my system services in Chrome as of today. This includes the OF clipper service. This happened briefly the other day, but I quit and reopened and it worked again, but now I have tried everything short of reinstalling chrome.

Anyone else having this issue? Perhaps a bug in chrome?

Having this problem myself, had to upgrade at work to Chrome 73 and it’s stopped working since. Safari is fine, as are all other uses of the clipper.

This is happening to me too. My clipping shortcut no longer works in chrome. Using Version 73.0.3683.86 of Chrome on Mac OS High Sierra.

OP here.
Looks like this is a problem beyond my personal system.
I’m filing a support ticket with OmniFocus Humans and will point them towards this thread so they know it is not just me!

Has there ben any update to this problem?

I heard back from OF Support who told me they registered this as an official (ie: repeatable) “bug”.

I just installed the latest version of OF (3.3) and it is still not working properly. Hopefully in the next release.

I really think it’s a problem with Chrome, because a bunch of my services stopped showing up in Chrome.

For the meantime I can recommend Send to OmniFocus Chrome Extension.

I’d like to add my +1 to this post, this is breaking my workflow.

Thanks Knapsack, great tip.
The only downside is no ability to trigger this from a keyboard shortcut.

No idea if OmniGroup will ever be able to resolve the original issue as it may be due to a change in how Google is handling things.

Following this thread as I’m encountering the same issue. Does anybody know if there’s a bug on the Chrome bug tracker we can +1?

I have this issue too. It looks like it’s most likely related to a change in Chrome 73. If you select some text on a web page and then visit Chrome → Services, you’ll notice that all sorts of services, including “OmniFocus 3: Send to Inbox” (in the list of “Text” services) is available. But if you select the URL in the URL bar in Chrome 73 and do the same thing, only services related to “Development” are available. I don’t really know what determines how that list of services is generated, but it seems like Chrome is no longer considering text selected in the URL bar as “Text”.

I’ve been looking for nearly an hour now to see if there might be a Chrome-related flag to disable whatever Chrome feature is causing this issue, but I haven’t found one.

Has there been any progress on this?

I upgraded to Chrome 74 and that seemed to fix the problem for me.

I can confirm updating to Chrome 74 fixed this for me as well. Woohoo!

OP Here.
Working fine for me as well on Chrome 74.
Such is life in the era of computers :-)

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