OF3 Send to Inbox vs Mail.app

Perhaps I’m the only one on the planet this bothers but just incase.

I find myself completely anonyed; that I can’t have:

  • List item Control+Space be the quick entry

  • List item Control+Option Space be the clipping shortcut

Why? Because Mail.app uses “space bar” to advance the message window and app functions get the keyboard before After Global App Shortcuts but before Services Shortcuts. I’m pretty the clip-o-tron use to support spacebar as the hotkey but I admit to not using OF2 for about 2-3 years because of the single context limitation. So memory might be flawed.

Anyone figured out a way to use spacebar for this function or am I suck with a two handed hotkey like cmd+opt+shit+i . to ensure no conflicts system wide? What key combination do others us?

I use ⌘+opt+ctrl+space for Quick entry, and ⌘+opt+ctrl+/ for Send to Inbox (clipping) service. That way, my left hand does the same thing for both, and my right hand is in the same vicinity for both.

I found this odd too and settled on control-command-I for the clippings shortcut which works OK, once you get through all the permissions dialogs in Mojave ;-)

I don’t think your premise is correct, because Things behaves exactly as you state (and it’s the default), so it’s possible. Though Things does have a helper application which is used for the clippings functionality, so perhaps that comes into play (I don’t think OF has a separate helper application that is launched on startup).

Premise would be correct; but likely poorly communicated by me. You pretty much stated what I was trying to convey.

Order of precedence is:
Global OS hotkey (mission control, and dock control for example)
Global App-hosted hotkey (aka the things helper and omni-focus quick entry)
Local App keybindings
Services Hot key

I think when we had the clipotron it worked to use the spacebar.

If the rest of my knowledge is right; Services push data out of programs to rusted receivers, Helpers pull them out and are more limited in what then can get access to. Been awhile since I was writing code and that was all pre-swift so perhaps it’s changed.

I’m sure my hands will learn new combinations shortly.