OF3: Will I lose data if I delete the old version OF?

I just installed OF3. Because I have set the old version app to open at login and I want OF3 also to open at login, now both apps are open. Will I lose data if I delete the old app?

I installed OF3 and deleted OF2 and did not lose any data. I also sync with their sync server so I felt my data was safe there.

If you’re still unsure, copy the database to an external drive, delete OF2, and take a look. I also start OF at login.

I think you’re safe but YMMV ;-)

I checked the settings files and there’s a folder labeled for OF 3 and another for OF 2. The OF 3 folder has its own database and preference files. So it’s basically a new app rather than being built on top of OF2 data. Once you’re comfortable you’ve migrated your data successfully into OF 3, you shouldn’t need anything from OF 2.

Incidentally, on the Mac when you delete an app you’re really just removing the executable program files, usually in your /Applications folder. There’s also usually a variety of settings and cache files scattered around in a separate /Users/Username/Library folder (which may be hidden by default). These things just sit on your disk indefinitely even after you delete an app. For the most part it’s nothing to worry about unless you are seriously low on disk space, as settings don’t take up much disk space compared to pictures and videos. There are however utilities you can get to clean up unused application data if you really want to.

Thank you to both of you! I deleted OF2 from the Applications folder, and so far everything is running well.
I am currently not worried about disk space, but it adds up, so I might run Daisy Disk at some point.

Hi Matt78, I use Hazel and when I remove the executable, Hazel finds all the miscellany and asks if I want to remove them too I think it’s called App Sweep.
Nice feature.