OF4 Beta and its "Synchronizing" status Am I the only one? Please give your opinion! :)

Hello everyone !
You see, I don’t know if this is a problem of mine or there are many OF4 users that this happens to them!
Every time I consult, edit or view OF4 (Beta), I ALWAYS have the habit of sliding my finger on the list from top to bottom (= Synchronize with the database).
It creates insecurity for me before sending OF4 Beta to the background (iPad/iPhone) that it is not fully updated with the database (OmniServer). There are times when we have a background update icon (which may or may not be OF4) and on the iPhone it does not appear to me).

REQUEST: Am I the only person who needs a button on the main bar so that I can press to sync before closing OF4 and when I do so I get a ✅ symbol or you guys just don’t look at this and directly send OF4 to the background?

Please, I have this doubt because before I ask as a feature request to OF4 Beta I need to know if I am the only person who has this OCD ^^.