OF4 - Exclude Blocked Tasks From Perspectives?

Right now, I have a Perspective set up as follows:

  • All of the Following:
    • Any of the Following
      • Status: Flagged
      • Status: Due Soon
      • Tagged with any of: *Next
    • Availability: First Available

I use this as the main Perspective that I’m working through on a daily basis.

Assuming I have a Project set up as follows, with everything tagged with “*Next”:

  • Project 1 (Parallel)
    • Action Group 1 (Sequential) (Blocked)
      • Action Group A (Blocked)
        • Task I (Active)
        • Task II (Active)
    • Action Group 2 (Sequential) (Blocked)
      • Task III (Sequential) (Blocked)
        • Task IV (Sequential) (Blocked)
          • Task V (Active)
    • Action Group 3 (Sequential) (Blocked)
      • Action Group B (Blocked)
        • Task VI (Deferred)

Right now, my Perspective shows Blocked Tasks even though they’re not First Available, but in my ideal world, my Perspective would only show Task I, Task II, and Task V.

Task III, Task IV, and Task VI would be hidden because they’re blocked or deferred.

Is this possible with perspectives?