OF4 for Mac timeline and TestFlight?

I’ve been testing the iOS OF4 TestFlight for several months now, it’s fantastic. (I still use OF3 on Mac)

I’m a bit confused about what the plans for OF4 for Mac are. The current OmniGroup roadmap mentions OF4 will launch across “all Apple platforms” simultaneously, which presumably includes Mac. But there’s no TestFlight version of OF4 for Mac that I can find.

Will there be a separate app and development cycle for Mac, or will Apple Silicon Macs be able to use the iOS OF4? Either way, is there a TestFlight version? I’d appreciate any clarification :)


No there is no testflight for the Mac (yet) I think the idea is to iron out all the issues of introducing a swift code base on iOS and then provide a unified experience across all platforms. Once that is done I expect some innovation (or catch up) will start to be introduced in what will be OF 4.1 >

From what I remember, most of the code that is being created on the iOS/iPadOS side can be ported over to the Mac side. Right now, work is being done to get to feature freeze and have that become the foundation for the Mac. I’m no programmer but I am thinking that most of the work on the Mac side will be UI design, mouse-based instead of touch-based.

There’s probably gonna be a Mac TestFlight program to check for any quirks that come from a mouse-based environment.

Based on previous Slack conversations, it looks like the Mac version will require MacOS Monterey or later because it needs the APIs that are present only in Monterey or later. It won’t work on older versions.

Cheers guys

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