OF4 Licensing - Which Model?

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Is the licensing for OF4 going to be the same as OF3, i.e. a choice of one-off payment or subscription?


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I’m hoping purchase is still an option and not solely subscription. I dropped use of Adobe products when they focussed on cash flow over product development and delivery; I’d rather not drop OF.


My other half did the same with Adobe products. She is now using Affinity and is really pleased with their products.

I will be looking for OF. alternatives just in case!

I’m hoping 1 time payment would still be available. I dint mind to pay a high price for that. I don’t like the idea in invest my life into something could go out of business and stop working. I love the idea even the internet goes down forever I could still use Omnifocus to mange things LOL!
I support in omnifocus bring annual updates, minor changes and charge for it. But make one-off payment an option.

Yearly payment for minor upgrades is subscription by another name!

Having said that Devs need to eat too!

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Yes, as noted earlier both options will continue to be available.

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That’s excellent news Ken. Thanks.