OF4: option-tab in a note doesn't create an item list

I like OF4 so far - especially the “back/forward” buttons, which is something I really wanted - but I notice the option-tab doesn’t create a list of items anymore. They used to start with a dash ‘-’, and then maintain tab indents automatically. I used this fairly often, so its absence is unwelcome. Am I overlooking a configuration setting somewhere?

Update: It option-tab does work as expected - creates a list starting with a dash and tab-formatted - in the Inspect window, but not in the main project window. This seems a simple oversight.

In OmniFocus 4, we changed the function of the bare Tab key so that you could tab back out of notes to other fields.

As a result, we changed the function of Option-Tab to insert a tab character (as the bare Tab key previously did), since that’s the standard keyboard shortcut for inserting a tab character in other (short form) text fields.

Sorry for the fallout with respect to your usage of adding list items using Option-Tab! Perhaps we can make this a customizable setting in a future update.