OF4 - still heavy Performance issue [Try 4.2!]

May I come back to this meanwhile already closed OF4-Performance-Issue-Topic.

OF4 is still unusable for me on an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

How am I to proceed in order to get it eventually smoothly working?

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Have you tried the TestFlight builds of 4.2?



Much better, Sir. Thank you @kcase

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Excited to see this just now. Tried 4.2 (176.0.204). Much much better regarding inspecting (opening and closing) a task in a project with many tasks. The performance is good - thank you so much - it is greatly appreciated!

However, just to be complete, controlling navigation through the project tasks (same project with many tasks) by grabbing the elevator bar and scrolling vertically is still delayed and quite clunky compared to OF3 with the same data. Just an FYI.


Have to chime in again @kcase (sorry. did not find an option to send a direct message)

Although as @sandy wrote:

… i am still unhappy with the overall UX.

  • “clean up” on iPhone is still unreliable
  • creating new Inbox items – directly from within any other perspective – is almost unmanageable on iPhone and rather slow on iPad

Is there, by chance, a new testflight version beyond 4.2 i haven’t been aware of?

I really need OF back as my main heavy-lifting Task-Tool of choice rather sooner than later.

eagerly awaiting word

Clarification - when I say ‘much better’ that is certainly true. :-) However, overall performance and ‘clunkiness’ of my iPhone (12) OF4 UI is still IMHO ‘annoyingly’ worse than OF3 for certain UX flows. As such I am still using OF3 on the iPhone when dealing with those specific UX flows. If I were to prioritize my ‘clunkiness’ hit-list at this point, it would be:

  • when entering text in the notes field, please stop re-centering/vertically shifting the window so that the active cursor is some ‘random’ place above or below the visible portion of the screen. When that happens, the user can’t tell where it is.
  • regain the usability of the elevator bar in windows with a large number of tasks being displayed
  • overall display performance when switching perspectives

On a different note, not performance but general UI:

  • allow the user to hide the lower-left perspective viewer button when they have enabled the perspective bar (personally it would be fine with me that when the perspective bar is displayed that that button is disabled/hidden). But this is not a clunkiness issue. However, along the same lines, when the perspective bar is displayed, is there any way to move the ‘add new task’ button that is in the lower right into the perspective bar? I would really appreciate that real estate back when on the iPhone as well as appreciating the ‘cleaner’ screen - more content and less in-my-face control buttons.

p.s. regardless of all the above, the OF4 UI IMHO is great - so much better than OF3 design wise. Just hoping for a little bit more progress on some performance corner cases :-)

Thanks for your clarification @sandy. I do second that. Thank you

OmniFocus 4 on my iPhone 13 has been awful, and I see that I am not alone.

I see that some users have had better performance with the beta 4.2 –
I have TestFlight on my iPhone, but how do I get an “invite” to enter so I can install OmniFocus beta 4.2?

You’ll find TestFlight Signups here:


For those who might not have seen this yet, OmniFocus 4.2 shipped today:

The shipping 4.2 release is newer than the latest TestFlight build, so if you were using the TestFlight I recommend switching back to the released app:


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That implies no TestFlight betas for a while. 😕