OF4 - Tasks for Today?

Does OmniFocus 4 either natively support or allow users to generate a collection of tasks that should be performed Today? It doesn’t particularly matter if this is achieved through a Today custom perspective or as part of the Forecast perspective.

I’ve been doing this in OmniFocus 3 through the use of a Today tag but this solution isn’t ideal in the case of repeating tasks since the Today tag will carry over to the next iteration of that task.

I’d like to achieve a solution that would allow me to pick a couple of specific tasks that I’m prioritising to work on today without adding tags or flags that will carry over in the case of recurring or repeating tasks.


Not sure if they work for OF4, but Kaitlin Salzke has written a series of plug-ins, one of which allows you to perform a series of actions when a task or project is marked complete. One of the available actions is to remove a tag, so it seems you could carry on with the Today tag as you have been using it, but then use this plug-in to remove the tag automatically when you complete the task.

‘Custom Complete’ OF plug-in by Kaitlin Salzke

Git repository for ‘Custom Complete’ plug-in

I haven’t tried this plug-in personally.

I hope that this helps.

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Thank you for the links! It would be better if OmniFocus had a native way of achieving this without needing plugins but this does look like it might get the job done, at least on macOS. Do OmniFocus plugins work on iOS as well?

Yes, they work on i*OS as well. In Settings > Automation, switch on Developer Mode and then you will get Omni Automation as an option in the (…) menu at the top of the screen on iOS.

Sorry – I don’t seem to have the appropriate access level on this forum to upload an image to show the menus.

I think that the plug-ins are a good way of letting anybody add the functionality that they need – hence The Omni Group employing Sal Soghoian to work on the Omni Automation world. Hopefully we can tweak the app to exactly what we need 😃

Hope this helps.

I use a custom perspective called “Today” that shows everything that’s available that matches at least one of the following criteria:

  • Due Soon
  • Flagged
  • Has a defer date
  • Is tagged with the Forecast Today tag (☀️ Today in my case)

I find it helpful to show Tags in the sidebar and to group actions by Due and sort actions by Due & Flagged.

Today is one of the perspectives I included in Custom Perspectives for OmniFocus on Learn OmniFocus.

I hope this helps!


I can strongly recommend Tim Stringer’s solution. I use a similar created “today perspective” for my Omnifocus structure, which shows all tasks that are either tagged with “today” or few have become due due to their due date (important) or due to their “defer -dates” (all of my periodic routine tasks) become visible. I am happy with this way of sifting through today’s tasks and prioritizing them in this today perspective with special tags according to urgency, importance… (Eisenhower) in order to process them using 4 appropriately created perspectives.

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The personal perspective is good for showing the tasks that you want, but you would need to clear the ☀️Today tag manually before completing a repeating task, otherwise the next instance of the task will also have the tag if I am understanding your solution.

The other way could be to create a duplicate of the repeating task, set it to non-repeating and add the Today tag to that task. That way, the repeating task can be completed, leaving the duplicate to show in the Today perspective.

I hope that this make sense

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If you take a closer look at the perspective and text of Tim Stringer’s post, you will notice that the perspective evaluates several characteristics of outputs. If Mr. Stringer due-dates his repetitive tasks, then he doesn’t need a Today tag for the task to appear today. When looking at the rules in the perspective shown, you should look at the condition “any of the following”.
These same rules make tagging repetitive tasks with “Today” unnecessary. I’m using many repititive tasks in Omnifocus. No one is tagged “Today”, cause these Tasks are displayed, if defer date is “today”.

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To add to what @Monika shared, I find there’s no need to use the “Today” tag for repeating actions. All repeating actions will have a defer and/or due date. These actions will automatically appear in the Today perspective when they become available and/or are due soon.

I use variations on the Today perspective. For example, “Today: Personal” perspective is same as the Today perspective except that it’s focused on the “Personal” folder.

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I write these type of tasks you’re describing on an index card and then go back to OF to check them off at the end of the day (assuming they’re complete) it removes the temptation to be distracted for me.

Electronic solutions aren’t always the best option for everyone and everything.


Good insights here! My way to manage and pick which task or projects I’d like to do today is to drag’n’drop them in the calendar app. This create a backlink to Omnifocus in the Event which is handy.


I use the Today tag in Forecast, even for repeating tasks. The key is I also configure a defer on the repeat. So, if I need to do something regularly and I’d like to do it today, but it doesn’t/shouldn’t have an actual due date I use this approach. For example, we have well water & I replace the water filter roughly monthly. This has the Today tag and once completed it is deferred for 1 month. It won’t show up in the forecast until the defer date has passed.

To solve this issue in OF3, I use the script posted in this thread. I’ve edited it to use for a few tag removals and additions.

I don’t know how it would work in OF4, though I think it should work fine.

It does the same thing as the above-mentioned plugin (which I’m looking forward to trying once I move to OF4).