Off Day for most tasks, but not all?

I’m using OP for the first time, and I’m trying to estimate duration for a project that uses in-house staff and out-plant fabrication services. We are also moving from our old building into our new building right in the middle of the project 🤦‍♂️.

How do I mark 5 days as being unavailable for any task requiring our in-house staff, but available for any out-plant work? e.g. if Joe Designs Widget isn’t finished by the time we start the move, its completion and any dependents wait for 5 days while we’re moving. But if Joe Designs Widget finishes before the move date, its dependent task ACME Manufactures Widget can start and make progress during our move, since it’s not directly affected by our move.

Nearly all the tasks in my project use in-house resources. Maybe 10% of the tasks are out-plant, so the default task behavior should be affected by the move.


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