Offset/align images to look better?

I took a screenshot of an equation and pasted it into my outline. The edges of the image are as tight as possible, right up to the edges of the equation text. And yet here is what it looks like when I paste it into my outline:


As you can see, it looks bad. It would be nice if there was a property in the inspector like “image layout offset” or something similar, that let me nudge it downward. I don’t see anything. Is there a way to do this? If not, I hereby request the feature. :)


It’s not a great solution, but you can use the subscript to adjust this. Highlight the image (click-drag over it, or shift-left/right arrow), then Format > Font > Baseline > Subscript. You can use this option multiple times to increase the amount. I’d recommend creating a named style with this attribute if you need to do this to multiple images. You can drag the setting from the Style Attributes Inspector to a new named style to apply it.