OG 7.5 Bezier vector point selection feedback missing?

Using OG Pro 7.5 (v181.4 r297378) on Mac OS 10.11.6

Vector points on Bezier curves (the extremely tiny blue diamonds) no longer appear selectable as they were in previous versions.
Ie selecting them with left click used to turn them from outlined to solid blue extremely tiny diamonds.
This no longer works for me. So I do not see nor can I edit bezier handles.

It may be a rendering bug (ie the “selection feedback graphics” = solid diamond + bezier handles do not appear) but the point is actually selected.

I say this because a delete key will delete the point as expected - OG must have known the point was selected.

However, without selection feedback it is impossible to edit bezier handles.

  1. is this a known bug ?
  2. is there a workaround for it ?

PS: I did find one workaround:

  1. select the point (nothing happens visually).
  2. using the scrollbar, scroll your canvas slightly: the visual feedback shows up

Note that the point gets deselected and the visual feedback DISAPPEARS on every manipulation of the point or handles, necessitating re-selection and another scroll.
So definetly a bug. Actually two if you count the deselection.

Together they make editing the curves very painful…

  1. This was a known bug in OmniGraffle 7.5, but we fixed it.
  2. Please update to OmniGraffle version 7.6 or higher to get the fix. See https://www.omnigroup.com/releasenotes/omnigraffle/P5 for details about the fixes in each release.


Great thanks.
That will force me to do an OS upgrade since 7.8 (the only one on your download page after 7.5) only runs on OS X 10.12+
But good to know that alternative !