OG 7 hangs when I click on Stencil

After clicking the green “Stencils” at the top right or the blue icon beneath it, OG 7 totally hangs.

  • My OG version is: 7.11.4.
  • I am on Mac 10.14.6.
  • 2019 iMac
  • 700 GB disk free
  • 128 GB RAM

Tried rebooting. Tried restarting OG many times.

Tried re-installing OG from website.

Other parts seem to work OK, but I’m now totally stuck needing to use stencils.

Not sure what to try. OG basically not usable.

Thanks to anyone in advance,

I have not upgraded to 7.11.4 (but may just to try it since 7.11.3 has some ‘issues.’)

For most of my real work, I use 7.10.2 which pretty good - but it, too, has some issues.

I have no quick fixes for you but more information might help. What stencil were you using? One of your own or supplied? Something you got from StencilTown? We may be able to try it on other versions and see if there is a difference (I like testing things out; keeps me from getting bored doing other work ;-)

Just upgraded from 7.11.3 to 7.11.4 and the object selection is pretty awful. Object handles were well away from the object/group I was trying to edit/move. Going back to 7.10.2… Sigh. And I was pretty happy the graphics and screen were scrolling so much better than 7.11.3.

I did not get a hang, basically because I didn’t get that far. I was able to drag an item from my custom stencil onto the canvas but could not do anything with it.

Is it possible for you to go back to a previous version? If you upgraded from 7.11.3 or 7.10.2, you might be able to find that app in your trash and restore it.

Wow…thanks for the great replies!

After OG mentioned that it could be a bad stencil, I did trial and error until I found the ones that kept hanging OG.

I sent in what I thought were the problem stencils to OG yesterday (Apple icon stencils), but for all I know it could be that their in some way interacting with the other stencils I downloaded.

I hope to hear something back from OG once they investigate.

Thanks for your replies.

If you do get a hang, they had me send in a Sample Process (from within Activity Monitor, if system hangs you can get dump of what is going on as text file). Might help them find where things are getting stuck.

…and it has been pretty quite from Omni support here lately. Hoping this means they are trying to iron out issues with 7.11.3 and 7.11.4 which seemed to be steps backwards.

Omni confirmed the Apple stencils I sent them had problems – even in OG 6.

Omni’s tech support is stellar.

When OG hung with these stencils, I could not create a Sample Process as the machine’s CPU(s) were at 99.9%.

Thanks for your reply.

Agreed. Lanette and others have been awesome helping me understand how to do things, figure out where certain features are hidden, and report/fix problems. It has just been pretty quiet on answers to questions lately.

I have had the same issue in OmniGraffle Pro 7.12.1 on Mac Catalinia 10.15.2. It doesn’t matter what stencil I click, nor what else is open, nor how large the file is I’m working on (new to small to mid-sized). Unfortunately I’m trying to get some flow and systems mappings done for work project that I was hoping to knock out the last week before our annual break.

I’ve sent a log of the hang / crash with full state report to Omni Support through the app.

I’m really hoping this gets resolved or there is a solid workable workaround.

Sometimes this happens because you have 1 stencil that is an issue loading into the stencil browser. You can remove all the stencils from the stencils folder and then add them in a small group at a time until you find the failing stencil. Once you do, remove items in the stencil itself by halves until you isolate which item(s) in the stencil are causing the issue. Once you identify the problem stencil, you may want to email OmniGroup support with the stencil that causes the issue.

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Thank you!

This now adds to my wish for an improved stencil management feature from within OmniGraffle.

I had to remove about 10+ stencils. ToyBricks, Apple Stencils, and others.

I found that if I went through the stencils folder in Finder with List View and the good stencils would show a sample of the stencil in the side bar. The ones that seemed not usable would not. That was the quickest way to resolve my issue.

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Send that stencil to Omni Support if you can. Maybe they can fix the issue?

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