OG release 7.12.1 graphics

Is anyone else having trouble viewing placed graphics (aside from an SVG import) on a canvas. I can’t view any of my placed images in 7.12.1.

Does anything appear? Are these larger sized images? We’ve done a lot of performance work on images in the current 7.12.2 test builds so that might fix whatever bug you’re hitting. https://omnistaging.omnigroup.com/omnigraffle/ If it doesn’t, please include some screenshots or description of what’s happening. You can also email us at omnigraffle@omnigroup.com if you don’t want to share any of this publicly.

No. Only thing I got were the image object handles.

I downloaded the latest beta and will let you now if it improves. I know one of the 7.12.1 beta was much faster with images but I couldn’t trust the location, esp if I was zoomed in. I had one part of an image from another section appear in a totally unrelated section. I don’t think I can be more ‘helpful’ than that since I deleted the beta when 7.12.1 was released.


Installed and, so far, much better. I will use this as my primary version for a while and let you know.