Omni Automation script won't accept some keyboard shortcuts

I’m trying to set keyboard shortcuts for the OmniFocus “Date Controls” script. The configure window accepts Ctrl D, W, M, and Y (day week month year), but it won’t accept Ctrl T or H. No error message-- the field just stays blank, awaiting input.

I haven’t installed any other OmniFocus scripts, so I don’t think there could be any conflicts. What might be the reason for this?


Just tested and can’t reproduce the behaviour. I used a test script and successfully assigned Ctrl+T. Do you have Keyboard Maestro or Typinator installed ? I think those apps have those shortcuts already assigned.

Several of the keyboard maestro actions that I was using with OF3 just 24 hours ago have stopped working. For instance “Set primary tag” is not working anymore. 24 hours ago it was working. I’ve checked with my other apps, and all of the keyboard maestro actions for those other apps are working. Seems to only be Omnifocus that has had a change. And yet there’s been no update from Omnifocus, so I have no idea what’s happened.

I thought I’d checked, but you caused me to look again and I did find a Keyboard Maestro conflict. Fixed!


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I also found an old Alfred workflow shortcut that was the culprit. Fixed that, and all is good now.