Omni Group Automation tutorials - clarification

I can’t find a place on the Omni Group Automation website to post comments, so I’m posting here.
In the tutorial on script urls, opening the url will do nothing if the circle object is not selected in OG first.
Since there is no explicit error message it took me a few minutes to figure out what’s going on.
It may be a good idea to clarifiy the point in the tutorial …

That’s not specific to scripting, but I can see how that would be a bit unclear. If you launch OmniGraffle Help from the Help menu, and search for the heading “Activating Scripted Objects with the Action Browse Tool (PRO)” you will see the documentation for Interactive Actions.

A link to that section of the manual is a great suggestion for the tutorial, especially for those users who are new to using the Pro features or just aren’t familiar with every area of the tools! Thanks for the feedback.


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Thank you for the post. The documentation is now changed to include a mention to first select the graphic in the document, and then run the script.


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